Socially Integrative City

The Berlin School of Economics and Law (“Hochschule für Wirtschaft und Recht Berlin”) hosts in Berlin from the 8th of March 2015 until the 20th of March 2015 with its partner universities the upcoming international seminar “Socially Integrative City”.

This seminar is part of a strategic partnership. The related project will take about three years and focuses on the development of innovative, transnational content of teaching and educational methods – It’s involving blended and peer learning for the policy area.

Around 40 students from political, social and public administration study areas are going to participate in this event. The participants are coming from the “University Ghent” (Belgium), “Univerytet im. Adama Mickiewicza w Poznaniu” (Poland), “Linnéuniversitet Kalmar/Växjö” (Sweden), “Carinthia University of Applied Sciences” (Austria) and “Berlin School of Economics and Law” (Germany).
Each participating university will provide minimum one until two professors for the seminars. The participating students must attend domestic block seminars in February 2015 in preparation for the gathering seminars in March 2015.
Each of the five country groups elaborates a domestic three hours presentation on the theme “Socially Integrative City”
At the seminar’s first three days those domestic presentations will be presented. After the domestic presentations, the work begins in four mixed multinational working groups. On the seminar’s last day every working group has to present a result.
German and English should be equal seminar languages. The Swedish group hopes to consolidate their skills in the use of the German language during the seminar. Some persons from Belgium and Poland might as well prefer mainly to communicate in English.
Minimum two groups should be able to work and discuss obligatory only in German or English; nevertheless all participating students in these groups will be able to master the challenges with both languages. In the two other mixed groups both languages are going to be used optionaly if required.

Prof. Dr. Heinrich Bücker-Gärtner (Department 3 – Berlin School of Economics and Law) is leading the programme.

The seminar is sponsored by the European University Programme Erasmus + (“Strategic Partnerships”).